Introducing Sedan Magic: Your Ride Awaits

Sedan Magic Launch

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Whether you’re an astute traveler catching a flight, a late-night reveler heading downtown or a socialite making a grand entrance, reliable transportation is a must-have in New York City. Booking a car to navigate the streets of New York can be a real hassle, particularly when you’re trying to locate a reliable, qualified provider. That’s why RideCharge launched the ultra-convenient Sedan Magic mobile app for New York City travelers today, delivering cars from the city’s best sedan fleets.


Our company mission at RideCharge is to revolutionize ground transportation using mobile technology, and to that end we’ve built a great product in Sedan Magic. Using technology similar to our award-winning ground transportation app, Taxi Magic, we’ve constructed a mobile service that seamlessly integrates with the dispatch systems of the city’s best sedan fleets, ensuring smooth, comfortable booking and riding experiences.


Our initial launch partner is the Executive Transportation Group (ETG), one of the most storied sedan fleets in the tri-state area. ETG has served New York commuters for 90 years and holds contracts with the city’s most prestigious banks, law firms and other companies. They offer over 1,500 vehicles across their branded fleets. Through direct integration with their dispatch solution, we can offer coverage of 400 vehicles across New York City at launch with more vehicles on-boarding in the coming months. ETG chose to work with the Sedan Magic team because of our fleet-friendly model, our customer commitment and our proven expertise in local ground transportation.


Sedan Magic puts both on-demand service and advanced booking at your fingertips. The new mobile app – available for download today on the App Store and Google Play – allows riders to book trips quickly and reliably. Sedan Magic offers a truly modern approach to luxury ground transportation, complete with transparent, up-front price quotes, hassle-free cashless mobile payments, GPS tracking on all sedan rides and informative ride alerts. And the app was designed for riders, so it delivers convenient, easy-to-use solutions in a clean and simple interface. Tap, tap, tap and your own private car is on its way.


If you’re in New York, download Sedan Magic today and ride in style.  If you have any feedback or questions, post it here, email us at or drop us a tweet @sedanmagic. Whatever your travel requirements, we’re dedicated to getting you where you’re going with convenience and comfort.


Your ride awaits, New York.

One thought on “Introducing Sedan Magic: Your Ride Awaits

  1. Genius concept. Easy to book. Easy to pay. Drivers are on-time and alert your phone to their arrival with driver’s cellphone number!. I’ll never call. 666-6666 or 777-7777 again.

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